1. Emeryville, CA, May 13, 2017 Five story apartment complex under construction. This is the second time this same building caught fire, the last time was 1 year ago. 100 firefighters required and the fire could be seen from 80 blocks away.Click here for video

  2. Pomona, CA, May 10, 2017 Four story apartment complex under construction. 80 firefighters required to get the massive fire contained.Click here for video

  3. College Park, MD, April 2017 Seven story, 250-unit apartment complex under construction. $39 million damage, Five alarm fire, largest fire suppression efforts in County history.Click here for News ArticleyClick here for video

  4. Overland Park, KS March 2017 Five story apartment complex under construction. Destroyed 7 homes nearby.Click here for video

  5. Raleigh, NC March 2017 Five Story 241-unit apartment building under construction. Required the evacuation of a 14-story office building and a 196-unit condo building next door. Click here for video

  6. Maplewood, NJ 2017 Five Story 240-unit apartment building under construction. Left 500 people homeless. Click here for video

  7. Phoenix, AZ., March 2017 Three story apartment complex under construction. Click here for video

  8. Lynnwood, WA. January 2017 270-unit five story apartment complex under construction. Click here News Article

  9. Las Vegas, NV December 2016 Four 4-story apartment buildings under construction.Click here News Article

  10. Albuquerque, NM November 23, 2016 Three Story Apartment buildings under construction. Click here News Article

  11. Gilbert, AZ. October 2016 Eight, three story buildings totaling 256-units under construction. 120 Firefighters were needed to fight the fire.Click here News Article

  12. Oakland, CA. October 2016 41 Unit project under construction. All the non-treated interior walls burned, leaving the fire resistant exterior walls standing. Click here News Article

  13. Evansville, IN. September 2016 Apartment fire under construction. Click here News Article

  14. Portland, OR August 2016 Three story apartment building under construction.Click here News Article

  15. Emeryville, CA July 2016 Five story apartment building under construction. Massive 6 alarm fire. Click here News Article

  16. Manhattan, KS June 2016 Three story apartment complex under construction. $1 million damage. Click here News Article

  17. Langley, British Columbia, Canada May 2015 Four story condominium under construction. Click here News Article

  18. Edgewater, NJ January 2015 Occupied 408-unit wood building destroyed by fire, no humans killed, and some animals killed. 500 firefighters responded. 1000 people displaced. Schools closed for several days. Took firefighters over twelve hours to extinguish fire. Fireboats from Hudson river pumped water into building. Click here News Article

  19. Oxford Ohio, April 2015 Apartment complex under construction. Click here News Article

  20. Calgary, AB., Canada March 2015 Four story apartment building under construction. Click here News Article

  21. Winnipeg, MB, Canada October 2015 Four-story 276-unit apartment under construction. $3.5 Million damage.

  22. Orem, UT., February 2015 Under construction four story apartment building. Over $1 million in damages.

  23. Cliffside, NJ 2014 Under construction four-story wood building burns and ignites 3-story building nearby. Hundreds of residents evacuated.

  24. Edgewater, NJ 2000 Near-completion 200-plus unit apartment building burned to the ground. 9 surrounding homes burned. NB: Same location that burned down while occupied in 2015 fire above, only it burned down during construction.Click here News Article

  25. Anaheim, CA. April 2014 4 story apartment complex under construction. 80 firefighters and $2 million damage. Click here for the Orange County Register report

  26. Los Angeles, CA 2014 Under construction 526-unit apartment complex burns. 250 firefighters respond. Fire closed two freeways.Click here News ArticleClick here for NBC news video

  27. Portland, OR May 2014 Under Construction Five-story apartment building. 135 Firefighters respond.

  28. Houston, TX 2014 Under construction 396-unit luxury apartment building. "A five-alarm, windswept fire that destroyed a $50 million luxury apartment building under construction in Montrose on Tuesday may have been sparked by a welder, a fire department official said. 'There was a report of a couple of guys working on the roof doing welding," said Houston Fire Department Deputy Chief Greg Lewis. 'When our units arrived, there was a small fire and construction workers were attempting to put it out. There was sustained wind of 15 to 20 miles an hour, and it was a wind-driven fire. Click here for video

  29. Vancouver, BC., Canada October 2014 Multi-story apartment building under construction. 40 Firefighters required to fight the fire.

  30. 30. San Francisco, CA 2014 Under construction172-unit wood. Building completely gutted. Fire started by welding on roof. Nearby buildings filled with smoke and damaged. Fire investigation cited no fire watch for "hot work" of welding and grinding. "Experts say it's difficult for fire officials to inspect the majority of construction sites to ensure that those "hot work" rules are followed. In many cases, fire departments rely on the private sector to ensure crews are abiding by the safety codes." (KQED, June 16, 2014).

  31. Dallas, TX 2014 Occupied building. Smoke and fire seen first in 2nd and 3rd floors; 80 people displaced; 16 fire engines deployed due to fear fire would spread. Firefighter sustained minor injuries by falling debris.

  32. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada March 2014 Four story apartment fire. $5 million in damage.

  33. Kingston, Ontario, Canada December 2013 Four story apartment fire.

  34. Portland, OR. August 2013 46 Unit 5 story apartment building under construction.

  35. Glendale, CO 2013 (near Denver) Under construction block-sized wood building. As many as 100 neighbors evacuated. Fire seen miles away. Neighboring apartments suffered exterior damage because of extreme heat. Cars damaged by radiant heat. 23 fire trucks responded. 36. Uniondale, NY 2012 Under construction. Truss construction fire spreads through roof.

  36. Quincy, MA 2011 Occupied 24-unit wood structure destroyed. Rapid fire spread throughout the trussed attic space. Believed to be started by a charcoal grill on first floor patio.

  37. Renton, WA 2009 (near Seattle). Under construction fire-story wood building; fire spread to neighboring one-story business. 4-alarm fire; 100 fire fighters.

  38. Ontario, Canada, 2009 Under construction. 55 wood townhouses destroyed.

  39. Reno, NV. July 2009 14 10-unit apartment buildings under construction

  40. Conshohocken, PA, 2008. Occupied 188 units in two wood buildings destroyed, as well as large part of neighboring complex under construction. Sparks from welding torch at adjacent construction site started fire. $36.2M settlement. $9M to renters; the rest to rebuild the complex.

  41. Danvers, MA 2007 Four under construction wood buildings with a total of 147 units burned. Four-alarm blaze. 8 communities sent firefighters. 20 residents evacuated from nearby apartments. "The fire engulfed entirely new construction … The fire also destroyed four utility buildings … Workers had yet to install sprinkler systems in the structure that burned. The fire 'basically went through like a lumberyard fire,' [Fire Chief] Tutko said."

  42. San Diego, CA. August 2003 Five story 206-unit condominium under construction. $20 million damage.

  43. San Jose, CA. August 2002 Five story apartment complex under construction